The benefits of playing guitar are numerous.  The National Education Music Study (2007) showed that “children received more academic honors and awards than non-music students, and that the percentage of music participants receiving A’s was higher than no-music participants.”  “High school students and adults receiving music lessons perform an average of 34% higher on reasoning, proportional thinking in time and space, verbal, math and science than peers who are not in music training.”  (Achievement Test Takers, College Board, 2009). 




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Take conservatory-quality guitar lessons from a professional teacher and award-winning performer who holds multiple degrees in guitar performance and education.

  • I have dedicated my professional life to studying, teaching, and performing music on the guitar in a wide variety of styles and settings.
  • My studio has a wide range of students from beginners to advanced, covering all ages and backgrounds. 
  • My students are provided with a well-rounded musical foundation from which they can develop their own musical personalities in an encouraging and comfortable environment.
  • Whether you are one of my college students looking to pursue a career in music, or just interested in learning a new hobby, you will develop all the skills you need to play the guitar.

Lesson Information
  • I tailor each of my lessons to meet the musical goals of the individual student, using their favorite musical genres as a platform from which to learn.
  • Learn practical music theory, how to read sheet music, tablature, and chord charts, ear training, improvisation, and your favorite songs while gaining technical ability on the guitar.
  • Any type of guitar is welcome, I am well versed in teaching both pick and fingerstyle guitar across all the major genres including: classical, jazz, rock, metal, blues, pop, and folk.

Materials and Resources 
  • Students are required to have access to a playable guitar, a music stand, and an electronic tuner and metronome.  
  • Some sheet music and other important texts may need to be purchased, while some will be provided for you free of charge. 

Recitals, Festivals, and Competitions
  • All students are encouraged to participate in studio recitals and other performance opportunities that are available, but performing is never a requirement. 

Attendance and Availability 
  • Please make every effort to be available at our scheduled lesson time.  I realize life can be unpredictable, if you can't make our lesson time for any reason, please give me at least 24 hours notice and we can schedule a makeup lesson.
  • Any lesson canceled with less that 24 hours notice will still be charged.
  • In the rare event I can't make a lesson, I will always show you the same courtesy.  You will be credited a lesson if I fail to give at least 24 hours notice before a cancellation.

Studio Location
  • I have teaching locations at my studio at Hinds Community College in Raymond, as well as at my home studio in Brandon Mississippi.
  • I am available for online lessons via Skype or equivalent programs for students who live outside of driving distance, or as a convenient option for make-up lessons.

Lesson Rates
  • Private lessons start at just $100 a month for one half hour lesson a week, and $200 a month for one hour lesson a week.  College lessons are by credit hour just like any college course at Hinds.
  • Group lessons are also available at discounted prices for students near the same age and experience level.