String Theory is an acoustic jazz duo that blends traditional jazz with elements of classical music, creating a style that is enjoyable to any listener, yet maintains its own unique sound and style.

String Theory Duo

We are always interested in new venues to perform at, whether your a college, concert venue, restaurant/bar, festival, reception/party, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.

As a duet we are inexpensive to hire compared to larger groups, we can set up in smaller areas, and our volume is completely adaptable to any situation, whether light background music or outdoor volume is required. 

We have other exceptional professional musicians available should you decide you would like a traditional jazz trio or quartet for your event as well.

The group prides itself on its ability to sound complete with only two members, much like a traditional classical sonata duo.  Both members trade rolls providing melody and harmony.  That being said they have been known to invite guest musicians to perform with them, including vocals, horns, and drums.



John and Fritz have both studied classical and jazz performance and theory at the college level, and hold multiple degrees in music between them. Their training and dedication is evident in their virtuosic performances as is their passion for music.

String Theory are:

John Jackson - Guitar

Fritz Martin - Bass

The innovative duo can be found performing in a variety of venues and settings, from college music schools and concert halls, to restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and jazz festivals.

Please visit and like ourFacebook page for more information, and to keep tabs on any of our upcoming performances.